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    RE: 1099/W-2 Software

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    I use Tax Accounting System, it's easy to use and ultra-affordable. The customer service is amazing! If interested, you can contact them at support@taxaccountingsystems.com Mona Wade, CPA, CGMA Wade CPA PC 828-338-8234 ...

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    We used w-2 mate for the first time to file 1099s for 2020.  It took a little time to learn the program because it was so different from the package that we had been using.  But it worked fine to file the returns electronically.  We will use it again ...

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    Good morning! Our firm has used W2 mate for several years with no issues.  It's been very helpful with e filing and also with clients that have just 1 or 2 1099s they need prepared.  The export from QuickBooks has been pretty user friendly as well. ...

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