Mentor Match FAQs


Do I need to be a member of the NCACPA to participate as a mentor or mentee?
Yes. Both mentor and mentee must be members of the NCACPA.

Is there a fee associated with using Mentor Match?
No, there is no extra charge to use this resource.

Do I have to enroll by a certain date?
No, you can enroll at any time.

Who are the mentors? 
Mentors are other members who have volunteered their time to support other members' careers.

Who are the mentees?
Mentees are other members who need you to help support their careers.

What is the minimum time commitment?
We recommend you consider committing to each other at least one hour per month for a minimum of six months, but this is entirely up to the mentor and mentee.

Are the mentor and mentee required to meet in person?
Although face-to-face meetings may be preferable, you can meet by telephone, email, or use video communications. It is up to the mentor and mentee to determine what works best for them.

What is the best way to start the initial meeting between the mentor and mentee?
A good place to start is to talk about your individual backgrounds on a professional and personal  basis. It is up to the mentee to determine what type of guidance is needed by the mentor, decide on the goals they have in developing the mentoring relationship, and communicate those things to the mentor.   

Can the mentoring relationship last for more than six months?
Yes. If both parties feel that more time is needed, then you may extend the mentoring process time.

Is there any form of reporting a mentor or mentee is required to complete during the mentoring process?
Once the initial meeting has taken place and a mentoring period established, the mentor should update their profile to indicate an approximate date the mentoring relationship will end. This will help future mentees in determining a mentor's future availability.
At the end of the mentoring period, both the mentor and mentee will be asked to complete an online survey. Both parties will update their profile to indicate the mentoring relationship is now completed.

Can I get continuing education credit for participating in this mentoring program?
No, at this time the program is not approved for CPE purposes.

How are mentors and mentees matched?
Members will first enroll as a mentor, mentee, or both. During the enrollment process, members will select preferences for various demographics to establish their personal criteria. Mentors will be matched with a mentee based on search criteria selected by the mentee.  The mentor will be not be able to select a mentee. 



Can I be a mentor and a mentee at the same time?
Yes, you can do so by enrolling and creating separate profiles under the mentor and mentee sections.

Do I have to enroll by a certain date?
No, you can enroll at any time.

How do I become a mentor?
If you are a member, click here to enroll as a mentor. You will be instructed to choose your preferences for various demographics and also to complete your member profile.

How does a mentor get matched with a mentee? 
The mentor will receive an email from the mentee requesting you to be their mentor.  You will be prompted to accept or reject the request. 

Is it okay to reject a request?
Yes, but there should be a good reason to do so. We encourage you to at least have an initial conversation to explore whether the relationship would be mutually fulfilling. If a potential mentee has misinterpreted information in your profile, you may find him/her to be an inappropriate match. If you want to decline a request, go to the "My Mentoring Relationships" page and check the “decline” button next to the specific request.

What if I’m going to be on vacation or unavailable for a period of time?
Go to the "Mentor Enrollment" page, click the “Mentor Status” link then click on the check-box next to “Temporarily Not Participating.” Doing this will indicate that you are not accepting any mentee requests at the moment, and your mentoring profile will not be included in a mentee’s search for a mentor.  It is your responsibility to communicate your availability to your existing mentees. When your schedule permits, you will have to update your profile to indicate you are participating. 

Who makes the contact with the mentee?
If the mentor accepts the invitation, the mentee information will be provided. It is up to the mentor to make the initial contact with the mentee within one to two weeks of the match. The NCACPA staff will not be responsible for facilitating the connections between the mentor and mentee, other than to send an initial reminder to the mentor.

Are there any resources available to help the mentor determine what to discuss in the first call?  
Yes, there is a Discovery Call checklist provided in the Resources section.

Can I have more than one mentee?
You may have up to three mentee relationships at one time.  We do recommend that you be judicious in accepting mentees who are most suited to learn from your expertise and experience, and that you are able to adequately meet the needs of each mentee.

How do I end a mentoring relationship?
If the mentoring relationship is complete, go to the "My Mentoring Relationships" page and mark the relationship as “completed.”
If the mentoring relationship isn't working out, please kindly discuss your decision to end the relationship with your mentee. Go to the "My Mentoring Relationships" page and mark the relationship as “completed.”

Is there any sort of recognition for serving as a mentor?
Yes, as an active program participant, you will receive a "ribbon" or "badge" in your member profile identifying you as a mentor. 



Do I have to enroll by a certain date?
No, you can enroll at any time.

What do I need to do to enroll in this program?
If you are a member, click here to enroll as a mentee. You will be instructed to choose your preferences for various demographics and also to complete your member profile.

Can a mentee have more than one mentor?
No. A mentee can only have one mentor at a time.

How do I find a mentor?
Once you have enrolled as a mentee, go to the "Find a Mentor" page and select the criteria you want to use for your mentor search. Click on the mentors' names to view their profiles. Once you have found a good match, click on the mentor badge (seen below the mentor's profile image) to send the mentor an email request.

What happens if the mentor does not make the initial contact with me?  
Please allow one to two weeks for a mentor to respond. NCACPA staff will send a reminder to the mentor. If the mentor has not made contact with you, feel free to contact them using the contact information found on their profile page.

What if the mentor isn’t the right “fit” for my needs?
Sometimes, regardless of the information provided, mentors and mentees don’t always "fit." If this happens, we suggest that you discuss your decision honestly and kindly with your mentor; thank them for their time, ask them to show your relationship as complete, and then start a new mentor search.


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