Share Video Testimonials About NCACPA Events and Programs!

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Starts: 12-08-2020
Location: Online Opportunity


Volunteers are invited to create and submit a short video testimonial speaking on any number of topics related to NCACPA!


If you have engaged with or attended any of our events, programs, member benefits, committees, networking groups, etc., please tell us how your experience has been and what it means to you in a recorded video.

For example, if your firm is part of the 100% Membership, we would love to hear why you chose to be a member and what NCACPA means to you and your firm. Have you been an NCACPA mentor or sat on a committee – why did you choose to engage, how was your experience, and what advice do you have for others who might be interested in doing the same thing? Does NCACPA plan a conference that you always enjoy? We want to hear about why you love it so we can share your video with other members! 


These video testimonials may be posted to NCACPAs website, social media, and IR, and we suggest making them no longer than 30-60 seconds.


Please share your ideas and videos with me, NCACPA Membership Coordinator, Mia Phillips, at!

Please ignore the points accompanying volunteer opportunities. This is a default setting and does not affect your membership or volunteer status.

Volunteers Needed:

30 (30 open slots)

Experience Required:

<1 Year as an NCACPA Member


Holly Bazemore

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