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Starts: 12-08-2020
Location: Online Opportunity


Everyone has something to learn and something to teach. Join this free program to do one or both!

You might be thinking that because you only just graduated from college, took the CPA exam, or started your first job that you have nothing to offer as a mentor. That is not true! Your experience is so valuable to someone who is in school or early in their career and wants to accomplish those same things but doesn’t know how. Put yourself out there and take pride in what you’ve accomplished so far by passing it down to others.

Become a mentor to share your experiences, connections, and guidance with students and professionals who are seeking to learn.

Become a mentee to receive invaluable insights and guidance from experienced professionals and students. Our program has a large pool of mentors you can search through and filter based on experience, certifications, areas of expertise, geographical location, and much more. Your mentorship can last for a few weeks or a few years, it’s all dependent on what you need to accomplish your goals.

See what this mentor/mentee duo had to say about the program!

“At first, I was not completely sure how the Mentor Match Program would turn out. I had my skepticism and doubt due to passing the CPA Exam next to the busy season; however, I was completely delighted when almost within a few hours of sending my message, Dan responded asking me to lunch the following Monday. Honestly, I was stunned by his enthusiasm and passion for the profession.


By coincidence, I applied for Dan’s firm a few weeks back. I didn’t receive a reply, but after meeting Dan, I came in for an interview the following week. The rest is history now. Although I didn’t know about the Mentor program until I recently scanned NCACPA’s website under the advice of Ms. Alice Grigsby, I’ve found a great mentor, a chance to network with others CPAs in the profession, and a path to a great career all within a few weeks.”


- Brian Nguyen, CPA

“While I would imagine hiring a mentee is not a usual occurrence, my mentee used the Mentor Match program to get the advice he was looking for, network with other CPAs in the profession, and take the next step in his career all within a few weeks.”

- Dan Lavelle, CPA

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Mia Phillips, Membership Coordinator| | 919-469-1040, ext. 150

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Volunteers Needed:

100 (98 open slots)

Experience Required:

<1 Year as an NCACPA Member


Holly Bazemore

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